Funny how I can be such a slut and yet be so attached at the same time. Guess I just love too much.

Saw him tonight and tonight I felt like it wasn’t worth feeling the electricity if he’s sharing it with everyone else.

From Condom to Bareback.

I had a long day at work and I usually don’t drink on Thursdays, but me and my boyfriend, Joe were both in the mood to go out. 

We go to the a gay club called Badlands in San Francisco and go straight to the bar, order some whiskey then head to the dance floor. That repeats about four more times and we are feeling a little good two hours in.

Me and Joe are sipping and dancing then this sexy latin papi’s face drew our attention. His name is Jose, late 20’s, muscular built, light-skinned… I can go on and on, but bottom line is he is gorgeous.

I wanted Jose so bad, but I was shy. When someone looks so good, I never know how to act. His body language and his frequent gazing let me know he at least was interested in us. Again, we are drunk and moments later I just remember seeing him make out with Joe, and I think to myself, “…yes”.

Jose’s lips backed off of Joe and they pulled me closer to them then the three of us began a kissing frenzy. Jose exudes sex and every second that his lips touched mine, I felt electricity. I rubbed his body and I could tell he works out, he was well-built and I wanted to take off his clothes and have him fuck me there, but that had to wait.

Joe tells Jose to come home with us and he willing to. Joe leads the way out of the club while me and Jose hold hands, I get excited because I know what’s going to go down, just not quite sure what I was going to get. We pass by a sex shop and he pulls me in there because he wanted to get poppers and this is a good thing because I love poppers.

Joe starts the car and Jose sits in the back seat, but Joe tells me to go in the back seat with Jose. No hesitation there. Joe starts driving and me and Jose are so into the moment, we make out and start rubbing and touching. He sits himself on the left seat and pulls out his cock. It was beautiful, I swear this made Jose even more perfect then he already was.

It was a thick dick and the length was just as impressive. I put his cock head on my lips and I taste his precum, that turned me on so much that I started to suck on it like I needed it. I told him I can’t wait to sit on it. Jose tells me why don’t I sit on it while Joe is driving. Man… I was all on board. He asked if I had a condom in the car and I said no, unfortunately, he pulled one out and said he’s always prepared. I was disappointed, but I didn’t want him to not fuck me, so if it had to be with a condom I was okay with it, plus the idea of getting fucked while other drivers could see was a huge turn on.

I took off my shirt and pulled down my pants and underwear while he slips the condom on and opens the poppers. I needed those poppers, because I was not sure I could take his cock with no lube. We both spit on his dick and I maneuver myself to sit top of him, take a whiff of the poppers while he slid his dick in. I was getting fucked in the fucking back seat! He has a sexy latin accent and kept asking me if I like getting fucked in the back seat, I hold on to the back of the driver’s seat and moan “Yes, papi! FUCK ME!”. On the red lights, Jose didn’t stop and I saw people watching me getting that dick.

We pull into the driveway and I hop off his dick, he threw the condom on the concrete, and I’m still in shock, we just put on a live show! We went into our home, Jose was laying on the bed and me and Joe start sucking his dick. Jose tells me to ride him so I go on top of him facing him, and since I knew he liked to play it safe, I told Joe to pass us the condoms. Joe tosses condoms and lube towards Jose and Jose grabs the lube. My hole is still hovering over his dick ready to get fucked and I’m waiting for him to put on the condom, but instead he puts the lube on his cock and puts some on my hole and starts sliding it in… bare!

As he goes in I always love how a raw cock goes inside of me, I close my eyes and love every single inch of ecstasy as he slowly shoves it in. Once the last inch is in my hole I gasp and pull back my head as it hurts and feels good at the same time.  I started sliding up and down, but he took control and start thrusting his cock way deep in my ass. Joe puts his dick in front of Jose’s  face and Jose sucks on it while fucking me. He asks Joe “You like watching me fuck your boyfriend?” Joe says yes and then Jose tells Joe to fuck me now… What I didn’t know is he meant to fuck me at the same time! Double penetration.

Jose is already huge as it is and to add another dick was a crazy idea. Joe slowly enters and I yell in pain, but Jose helps by giving me some poppers, then I allow both of their cocks to simultaneously fuck me, I was in so much pain, yet in so much pleasure. I was moaning so loud I’m sure I woke up the neighbors. Jose was pushed over the edge and he told us he was going to cum, he grabbed my arms tight as he pushed inside and I felt his cock throbbing while he was unloading inside me, Joe loves when guys cum in me so he starts to cum and at that point, I’m getting double bred. With all this intensity, and two cocks in my hole filled with cum, I didn’t realize someone hit my prostate the right way, because I had my cum all over Jose’s chest without touching myself. Joe and Jose pull their cocks out and I started licking my cum off Jose’s body, I started sucking Jose like the greedy pig I am to make sure I cleaned him up. I lightly squeezed his cock and a little cum was left in his dick, I licked it off and the three of us kissed and tasted each other on each other’s lips. I laid next to Jose and rested my head on his buff body, I couldn’t believe this sexy man was in my bed and that he fucked me so good, I was in a state of euphoria knowing my hole was full of his seed.

When the three of us laid in bed resting after the crazy sex, he told me he never barebacked anyone before, not even his boyfriend. Didn’t know he had one… hope the boyfriend doesn’t mind Jose’s cum was deep inside me. I told Jose, “We should double date sometime.”

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Nudes every Friday.

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Nudes every Friday.

Snapchat: @jasonjamez

Tori Kelly

—All In My Head (Live Acoustic)


Tori Kelly - “All In My Head (Live Acoustic)”

She’s so pretty you two look so great
Time for me to move on now it was probably just a silly crush anyway
But I just cant help but think that we, we could’ve had something
Have I really been blind to reality baby tell me

Every little glance my way
Every time you wanted to hang
You seemed so interested
Could you tell me was it real or was it all in my head
Was it real or was it all in my head


All I want right now, a bed and cuddles


All I want right now, a bed and cuddles

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I never thought I’d see you again, but tonight you ran past me while I was walking home from the store. I wonder if you recognized me in the glow of the streetlight, but it doesn’t matter. My time spent with you was just a chapter in my book and tonight we passed each other moving in opposite directions, following our own storyline. End of Chapter. 

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